get to know me: female characters [3/5]  ”Gou Matsuoka”


Favorite Magical Girl

Sakura Kinomoto 

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69 min challenge: sick day


FREE! / Pokemon crossover!!!

haru: dolphin + vaporeon

makoto: orca + lanturn

kiss me: betta fish + dewgong 

gou: shark + corsola

rei: flying fish + finneon

nagisa: sunset anthias + piplup

sousuke: whale shark + seadra

rin: shark + sharpedo

ai: pilot fish + ducklett

momotaro: clown fish + buizel

first time making a gif ((((((;v;))))))



I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. Please DO NOT reproduce their work without proper permission!! { x }



I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }


50 ? Free! 500px gifs

Makoto and Kisumi (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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Kiss me doodles -3-

"I’m pretending that your lunch is the only reason I’m here because I decided this was tsundere episode"

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exam stress relief — was supposed to be a doodle but then…?? ( ³ω³ )

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Yes, pretty much. Kisumi’s actually the one who said that Haru and Makoto are much more than brothers… “It’s like their hearts are connected” (HS!2). XD

So, yeah, Kisumi really likes teasing Haru with this but globally he likes to tease him because, well, he’s just Haru. lol He’s clingy with him and tried touch contact but he’s always rejected by our dolphin boy. XD He must really really appreciate him. And this is why i ship it. Plus, i’m sure like some others Kisumi liked to be much more clingy and friendly with Makoto in their Middle school days with a little feeling Haru would get a little jealous about it (even if Kisumi really wanted Makoto to join the basketball team). So, it’s kinda cute to think that way (pretty much a headcanon).

To summarize, their relationship is pretty cute and yeah, Kisumi would really like to tease Haru to be so close to Makoto like that, like “Oh i’m sure you’ll be confortable to be fed by Makoto! You’re so intimate with him! Aaaah, i’m so envious… I want to be best buddies with you, Haruuuu~” and Haru would be completely done with him, not listening to his complaint as always. Ah i love it. :D

I hope he will come back >< !! He has the power to make Haru jealous, it’s such a big power !!! And I would like to see him be more touchy with Makoto to see what could be Haru’s reaction now. When he was young, he was more introvert so he has the “don’t touch my man’ gaze ^^ But now, I’m certain his jealousy could be shown by his actions. Like grabbing Makoto’s arm with the “He is mine” look XD

Please come back soon Kisumiiii !


Don't touch the goods Kisumi